My First blog post (6Nov 2017)

This is the post excerpt.


Well, actually it’s 5 November 2017..I’m writing this a day before my Birthday because I thought it’d be better to write it before because what I’m feeling write now is more important I guess.. because tomorrow I will be busy and I’m travelling too, so I won’t have spare time to write any of this stuff.. But it’s just an hour or so before 12 Midnight so what I’m feeling right now about tomorrow is very special..But tomorrow I won’t have this feeling that I’m having right now about me before my 18th Birthday. So this post is About tomorrow, But it’s about today.


It’s 6 November 2017…Yup it’s my Birthday Today.. Not just A Birthday. .It’s my 18th

Yes, Ima finally be an Adult..But I’m Not feeling any Change in me..Like I Thought you were supposed to feel special or something.. But I don’t know…But I’m Feeling happy. .I’m feeling me…I am Me. .Ive grown a Year Old…But I’m still me Only.. And maybe I have changed a Bit..Like last year at this time I was 17 and my mindset and nature and my view about life was very Different than it is now..And today I’m 18 And I’m Me but a Changed me…A better Me.

And BTW it’s my First Post…Its a Gift to myself… On my 18th B-Day I Would like to start this habit of penning my thoughts or feelings down..Or why just my thoughts or feelings.. I Would write anything and everything that I will feel like writing.. From today onwards . .I’ll give my expressions a Way…A way without any Stops or RedLights.

Well I’m excited..Not just about writing stuff but about everything..The Teenage phase of my life is over and The “Adult” phase has started…But I don’t quite see a big difference..but I know It’s Big.

I’m just feeling very Blessed And happy ( and a bit Nostalgic)..I’m 18, but I still feel like a Teen.

Let’s End it here with something nice.

Quote –

Ain’t no mountain high enough

And something that I personally believe in –

Trust in God and believe in yourself